2014 zintegrowany raport roczny

The Global Standard
for Workplace Gender Equality certificate

As one of only four organisations from around the world, DOZ S.A., a CEPD N.V. group company, was certified to the Global Standard for Workplace Gender Equality in 2013. The certificate is awarded by the Gender Equality Project (GEP) Foundation operating at the World Economic Forum in Davos, whose main objective is to eliminate opportunity gaps and promote gender equality in employment. Award of the certificate was preceded by a three-stage verification process held in 2011-2012, which included, among other aspects, a comprehensive analysis of data on the workforce structure in the Dbam o Zdrowie pharmacy network, an anonymous questionnaire for employees, and internal audits. Areas under assessment included the ratio of female to male remuneration, the recruitment and promotion system, the percentage of women in the company's governing bodies, and access to training and flexible work arrangements. The Company plans to obtain the same certificate in Lithuania, where the current headcount is 1,300 employees.

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