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Dialogue with stakeholders

Effective dialogue with stakeholders is the starting point for appropriate formulation and updating of the Pelion Healthcare Group's corporate social responsibility strategy.

The official CSR strategy for 2012–2015, developed and adopted in 2012, defined the key stakeholder groups, the nature of the mutual relations and the risks they may generate, as well as objectives to be achieved within the defined time horizon.

The identification of stakeholder groups was carried out in consultation with all Pelion Healthcare Group companies. A tool supporting the proces was a dedicated questionnaire in which each company answered questions on its current operations and relationship with key partners and institutions. Information so gathered was used to prepare the stakeholder map, defining not only stakeholder groups and the place in the value chain where unilateral or mutual interactions occur, but also the nature of those interactions.

Against the backdrop of volatile market environment and new legal regulations, particularly in the healthcare sector, the CSR Team monitors the Company’s activities on an on-going basis and quickly reacts to changes. In 2014, the shareholder map and key CSR areas and values were reviewed across the Pelion Healthcare Group.

Under the CSR Strategy currently in place, the Pelion Healthcare Group implements key values such as responsibility, trust and leadership through:

  • caring for patients' health by improving access to medical treatment and active prevention;
  • developing healthy relations with partners and investors, based on business transparency;
  • developing healthy relations with employees and undertaking initiatives contributing to their health;
  • caring for a healthy community through local community outreach initiatives and active cooperation with NGOs and academic communities;
  • contributing to the health of the natural environment through mitigation of adverse environmental impacts.

PELION as the member of Global Compact

On July 2nd 2012, the Pelion Healthcare Group was the first company from Łódź and the Polish healthcare sector to become a member of the Global Compact – an initiative seeking to develop an international circle of socially responsible businesses. Participation in the Global Compact offers a unique opportunity for sharing experience in sustainable development and corporate social responsibility. As a Global Compact member, the Pelion Healthcare Group has made a commitment to embrace, support and enact, within its sphere of influence, 10 principles relating to human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption. At the same time the company carries the obligation to report on its activities related to compliance with the rules on the GC website.

1. Businesses should support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights; and

2. make sure that they are not complicit in human rights abuses.

3. Businesses should uphold the freedom of association and the effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining;

4. the elimination of all forms of forced and compulsory labour;

5. the effective abolition of child labour; and

6. the elimination of discrimination in respect of employment and occupation.

7. Businesses should support a precautionary approach to environmental challenges;

8. undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility; and

9. encourage the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies.

10. Businesses should work against all forms of corruption, including extortion and bribery.

Detailed information about the initiative can be found at

Pelion participated in the creation of the first Polish edition of the Global Compact Yearbook 2014, which featured one of its CSR initiatives designed to support healthcare and to help those in need.

Membership in organizations:

  • World Economic Forum
  • United Nations Global Compact
  • Farmacja Polska Chamber of Commerce
  • Polish Business Roundtable
  • Association of Polish Pharmaceutical Wholesalers Employers
  • Polish Association of Stock Exchange Issuers
  • GIRP (Groupement International de la Répartition Pharmaceutique Full-line Wholesalers / The European Association of Pharmaceutical Full-Line Wholesalers)
  • Polish Association of Employers of the Disabled


Objective: To ensure top-level care for patients' health to the extent it is directly affected by the company's operations on the healthcare market in Poland and abroad, including in particular by promoting top standards of pharmaceutical distribution, increasing availability of drugs for patients, and continuously improving the pharmaceutical care system.

Target relations: trust in brand

Forms of interactions:

  • Pharmaceutical care at pharmacies
  • ‘Dbam o Zdrowie’ bimonthly
  • ‘Magazyn 60+’ quarterly
  • Websites:,,,,
  • Website
  • Website application,
  • Profiles in social media
  • Newsletters
  • Communication around the Marathon ‘DOZ Maraton Łódzki z PZU’


Objective: To offer fair working conditions in a friendly environment, to suport professional and personal development and to promote healthy lifestyles.

Target relations: loyalty to the company

Forms of interactions:

  • Employee consultations
  • Internet, Electronic Notice Board, corporate profile on Goldenline
  • 'Nasza Firma' quarterly about the Company
  • 'Lider Zdrowia' bulletin and other corporate newsletters
  • website
  • Regular meetings of managers
  • Works Council meetings
  • Staff events
  • Code of Ethics and Spokesman on Ethics
  • 'Your Idea Is a Plus For Us' ('Idea na plus')initiative
  • Pelion Wellness Programme
  • Annual Report/CSR Report


Objective: To be a trading partner of choice and to cooperate with those who share our values

Target relations: partnership

Forms of interactions:

  • Meetings and conferences
  • Newsletters
  • Code of Ethics
  • website and other Group companies' websites
  • Ongoing communication (email, phone)
  • Annual Report/CSR Report


Objective: To provide services with maximum care and up to professional standards

Target relations: satisfaction and trust

Forms of interactions:

  • Customer satisfaction survey
  • Conferences and regular meetings
  • 'Bez Recepty' monthly
  • 'Farmakoekonomika Szpitalna' magazine
  • website
  • website and other Group companies' websites
  • Trainings
  • Newsletters
  • Hotline
  • Email, phone contact
  • Code of Ethics
  • Annual Report/CSR Report


Objective: To increase company value through continuous development, and disclosure of reliable financial and non-financial information on the Company's operations

Target relations: trust and mutually beneficial communication

Forms of interactions:

  • Current, interim and annual reports
  • Quarterly conferences – presentation of results
  • One-on-one and group meetings with analysts and investors
  • Participation in conferences and meetings
  • Ongoing communication (email, phone)
  • Pelion Investor Relations Newsletter
  • website and other Group companies' websites


Objective: To pursue a transparent and active information policy, employing new technologies to ensure quick and broad access to information

Target relations: trust and cooperation

Forms of interactions:

  • Press releases and conferences
  • Everyday communications and comments
  • website and other Group companies' websites
  • Annual Report/CSR Report


Objective: To share expertise and cooperate for regional human resources development

Target relations: cooperation and mutual development

Forms of interactions:

  • Experience and expertise sharing
  • Traineeship and internship schemes – 'Youth in Łódź' ('Młodzi w Łodzi'), 'Career Programme' ('Program Kariera')
  • Participation in conferences
  • Open day events
  • Participation in the Business Council of the Management Faculty at the University of Łódź
  • Participation in the Mentoring Programme of the University of Łódź
  • Media


Objective: To actively contribute to the building of the community welfare through business efficiency and involvement in the social and economic development of the region

Target relations: mutual respect

Forms of interactions:

  • Communication around the Marathon ‘DOZ Maraton Łódzki z PZU’
  • Communication around local projects organised by the 'Dbam o Zdrowie' Foundation
  • Participation in social and economic events
  • Annual Report/CSR Report


Objective: To engage in activities improving the society's health condition.

Target relations: active dialogue

Forms of interactions:

  • Activities of the 'Dbam o Zdrowie' Foundation (facebook, bulletin, website
  • 'Together We Can Accomplish More' project
  • Meetings
  • NGO cooperation platform
  • Marathon ‘DOZ Maraton Łódzki z PZU’


Objective: To constantly look for new ways to mitigate adverse environmental impacts in all areas of the Company's operations

Target relations: awareness building, care and responsibility

Forms of interactions:

  • Environmental policy
  • Ecoproject Pelion
  • Ecoteam
  • Code of Ethics

Commitments for 2015:

  • Continued implementation of GC principles in dealings with stakeholders
  • Fine-tuning and implementation of new forms of stakeholder communication
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