2014 zintegrowany raport roczny

Golden Website Award

One proof of our determination to foster good relations with retail investors and other stakeholders is the best website award received by Pelion in the Golden Website Award competition. ranked first in the ‘Companies listed in the sWIG80 index’ category in the 7th edition of the Golden Website Award competition concluded in June 2014. The objective of the competition is to single out best websites of listed companies based on the criteria such as usefulness of the website, clarity of communication, content, communication with investors, innovative means of communication, intuitive user interface, ergonomics, compliance with website navigation rules, proper application of technologies, and aesthetic appeal. Feedback provided by retail, institutional, and foreign investors is also taken into account when assessing the competition entrants.

The judging panel of the competition appreciated primarily the content presented on the website, high-quality and up-to-date information, excellent communication with retail investors, as well as innovative functionalities, including a mobile version of the website ( which offers easy and quick access to information on the Company to every user of a mobile phone, smartphone or tablet. Clear navigation makes the use of the website easy and intuitive. The Golden Website Award competition was held under the patronage of the Warsaw Stock Exchange and the Polish Association of Retail Investors.

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