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Corporate social responsibility should be an integral part of the strategies pursued by growth-oriented companies. The ‘Dbam o Zdrowie’ (‘I Care for my Health’) Foundation established by the Pelion Healthcare Group is a prime example of social responsibility and care for those in need.

The idea behind the ‘Dbam o Zdrowie’ Foundation, dating back to 2008, is to provide help to individuals in personal or financial difficulties by financing their purchases of medicinal products and medical materials. The Foundation is also engaged in a wide range of activities related to health protection and lifesaving, including the suport and implementation of health, educational and charity initiatives.

Since inception, the Foundation has been involved in a number of projects supporting individuals struggling with diseases, including the ‘Heart for Christmas’ and ‘Painted with Hope’ initiatives, and a partner in the ‘Urtica for Children’ event. In 2014, it provided assistance and support to 115 organisations, and had 47 individuals, including 23 children, under its care. With the youngest patients in mind, the Foundation organises the annual event ‘You Can be the Santa Claus’ and the summer project ‘Happy Children’s Day’.

Employees of all Pelion Group companies engage in the Foundation’s projects; the permanent volunteer group brings together about 100 persons, but more employees participate in individual events. The employees are also involved in the pay-roll project launched in 2013, transferring specific amounts deducted from their salaries to the Foundation. Every month another employees join the initiative.

‘Together We Can Accomplish More’

Over the past three years, the ‘Together We Can Accomplish More’ project has become the Foundation’s most important and far-ranging initiative. It is designed to integrate and expand cooperation between non-governmental organisations and other entities operating in the healthcare and social welfare sector as part of joint efforts aimed at removing barriers in access to medication. Its flagship initiative is the Grant Contest, through which the Foundation provides financial support to nationwide and local projects addressed to people at risk of social exclusion who cannot afford to purchase medication and medical materials. The judging panel of the Grant Contest is composed of the representatives of various circles and professions, whose experience and dedication to social initiatives ensures unbiased evaluation and selection of partner organisations for the project. This group includes representatives of the Donors’ Forum, a pharmacist, a lawyer, a social worker, as well as most accomplished volunteers and representatives of the Foundation.

In 2014, the project was run by 95 organisations, which delivered PLN 3.3m worth of assistance to around 15,000 people in need.

Support for Single Mother Shelters

Since 2009, the 'Dbam o Zdrowie' Foundation has provided assistance to Single Mother Shelters across Poland. In 2014, it supported 16 shelters on a regular basis, including by purchasing pharmaceuticals and medical products, as well as food, toys, stationery, games and books for children. The project was supported by judge Anna Maria Wesołowska and by I Łódzka Orkiestra Gitarowa (the First Guitar Orchestra of Łódź). Single mothers are also given an opportunity to meet with interesting people and take part in concerts, which is an additional benefit for them. Every year, the Foundation provides support to some 300 mothers and about the same number of children staying at Single Mother Shelters under the care of the Foundation, with the involvement of its volunteers who help organise meetings and the collection of necessary items and goods throughout the year.

The project ‘Single But Not Alone’ was named a Best Practice in 2014 and featured in the ‘Responsible Business in Poland. Best Practices 2014’ report published by the Responsible Business Forum.

‘Become a Benefactor’

The programme is designed to provide support to the people under the care of the Foundation. In 2014, 13 new beneficiaries were included in the programme. As in the previous years, thanks to the benefactors’ support, the Foundation gave gifts to the youngest patients under its care as part of the ‘Happy Children’s Day’ and ‘You Can Be the Santa Claus’ projects. Employees of the Pelion Healthcare Group were involved in both projects. A particularly worthy initiative is ‘Project Angel’, as it is specifically designed to create a strong bond between volunteers and beneficiaries of the Foundation. Its goal is to provide support to people under the Foundation’s care, who usually live alone, have health problems, and need assistance with activities of daily living. Volunteers help them in dealing with public institutions and courts, give tutoring classes, do the shopping, organise food collection projects, etc.

The project’s ambassadors include Anna Cymmerman (an opera singer at the Grand Theatre in Łódź), Dariusz Stachura (a tenor singer), Tomasz Gołębiewski (the concertmaster of the Łódź Philharmonic), Piotr Pustelnik (a Himalayan climber), and judge Anna Maria Wesołowska. In 2014, Tomasz Grzywaczewski (a traveller) and Karolina Jarzyńska (a marathon runner) became new ambassadors.

‘Project Angel’ and ‘You Can Be the Santa Claus’ project were named a Best Practice in 2014 and featured in the ‘Responsible Business in Poland. Best Practices 2014’ report published by the Responsible Business Forum.


Pay-roll is a modern way of financing the Foundation's activities implemented on the initiative of the Pelion Healthcare Group employees. The Pay-roll system is addressed to persons who would like to support the Foundation's community initiatives but do not have the time to participate in projects that require greater involvement.

Employees of all Group companies may place an instruction to transfer a specific amount deducted from their salary to the Foundation, and may also specify the intended use of the funds: either for the objectives defined in the Foundation's Articles of Association or as financial aid for specific beneficiaries. BSS has developed a system enabling efficient settlement of Pay-roll transactions, with each deducted amount shown on the payment slip.

Since 2013, the Foundation has been a member of the ‘Donors’ Forum’ (‘Forum Darczyńców’) – an association of organisations, institutions and businesses which donate to various public benefit community initiatives.

Commitments for 2015:

  • Continuation of the ‘Become a Benefactor’ programme
  • Organisation of the Charity Evening
  • Development of the ‘Together We Can Accomplish More’ project and cooperation with partner organisations
  • Continuation of the ‘Single But Not Alone’ project for single mothers
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