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A BUSINESS PARTNERSHIP founded on trust and quality, with the objective of delivering professional support to pave the way to your company’s success, and continually improving internal processes for the benefit of both BSS and its partners.

BSS S.A. offers comprehensive business process outsourcing services, including: outsourcing of accounting and reporting services, consolidation of financial statements, outsourcing or HR and payroll services, management accounting, legal and tax services, financing process support, and business advisory services. The company is a member of the Association of Business Service Leaders (ABSL).

BSS employs a staff of over 300, including first-rate specialists such as: statutory auditors, ACCA- and CIA-certified accountants, legal advisors, tax advisors, and specialists with work experience at BIG4 and international BPO centres, including holders of Green Belt certificates. Not only do they guarantee top service quality, but also legal, financial and tax security. The company provides services to more than 200 businesses, with a growing share of third-party customers from outside the Pelion Healthcare Group. In 2014, BSS took over financial and accounting services outsourced by several dozen new entities. The Company contributes to the growth of the region and offers career opportunities to young people through initiatives such as:

  • The ‘BPO in Łódź – Development Opportunities’ presentation at the European Economic Forum in Łódź,
  • The Progress Accounting Competition – a nationwide accounting competition organised by the University of Łódź,
  • The ‘Youth in Łódź’ programme.

Irrespective of the company’s scope of activities, IT tools and internal procedures in place, BSS’s core capital is its people, and in particular their expertise and experience. Therefore, focusing on its stakeholders, including the company’s staff and trading partners, for the past three years BSS has implemented the programme known as the ‘Cooking Recipe Outsourcing”, crowned with the publication of three albums: Business&Cooking, Business&Relax and Business&Grill. BSS used food recipes contributed by employees to show a different side of the company and to prove that a modern outsourcing centre for financial back-office services is much more than just numbers, tables, invoices and books of account. The final version of the published material is the product of passion, knowledge and talent of each contributor from among the BSS staff.

BSS, as a socially responsible company, engages in a range of CSR initiatives such as:

  • The ‘Payroll’ project for the 'Dbam o Zdrowie' Foundation – BSS employees transfer a specific amount deducted from their salary to the Foundation.
  • The ‘You Can be the Santa Claus’ project – BSS employees help the 'Dbam o Zdrowie' Foundation to make children’s dreams come true.
  • The ‘SEZ for the Kids’ project – the company supports the Christmas charity campaign organised by the Łódź Special Economic Zone.
  • The BSS team – the company promotes sports combined with charity by bringing together and supporting its employees keen on running, bike riding, or nordic walking.
  • The Gazeta Wyborcza Cup – the BSS Team made their debut in the charity football tournament to provide support to the Alternative Education Centre (Pracownia Aletrnatywnego Wychowania).


2014 saw the revision of BSS’s organisational culture and optimisation of its internal processes. The Think Tank team was set up to serve as the platform for gathering and sharing expert knowledge. The company also developed a phased strategy for implementing new process management methods in line with the Lean Management concept. Implementation of the Lean strategy at BSS involved, among other projects, setting up a change management team as well as internal training provided to more than 300 employees. Thanks to the genuine involvement of the company’s staff, the first year of the Lean culture saw the birth of 637 new ideas, including 31 innovations, 371 improvements and 235 standardisation projects, and the consumption of paper was cut down by 22%. In 2014, BSS actively supported other Pelion Healthcare Group companies in the development of their own projects.

Challenges and plans

In 2015, BSS intends to continue internal improvement activities under the Lean Management programme by putting into practice the ideas and initiatives contributed by its employees and identifying new areas for improvement. The Lean project will also be extended to include harmonisation and standardisation of business processes across the Pelion Healthcare Group, and the company will look for new opportunities for optimisation. BSS wants to proceed with the innovations related to the electronic document circulation and archiving system launched in previous years, and will start new business process administration projects. On top of that, the company wants to consistently enlarge its share of the financial and accounting outsourcing market by expanding its client and product portfolio based on the knowledge of and a customised approach to its trading partners, and also by drawing on the passion and commitment of its staff.

Farm-Serwis Sp. z o.o. specialises in debt management, and supports its partners − both Pelion Healthcare Group companies and third parties – in the management of trade credit risks at all stages of their relationships with customers: from review of customers’ financial standing and credit histories, through determining the amount of trade credit limits and on-going monitoring of payments, to assistance in debt discharge and enforced debt collection procedures. Farm-Serwis also offers debt trading and financial services to Pelion Healthcare Group companies and their customers.


In 2014, the company continued its strategy of exercising tight control over the risks associated with deferred payment sales for existing clients. It further developed its cooperation with numerous credit reference agencies and implemented solutions that help optimise the supervision of payment and debt collection processes. Despite the challenging regulatory environment on the pharmaceutical market, as part of its services Farm–Serwis controlled a portfolio of receivables from pharmacies totalling PLN 350m.

Challenges and plans

In 2015, the company will continue the fine-tuning of systems designed to supervise payment and debt collection processes, and plans to develop new IT systems to support risk management. As a highly specialised company with experience on the pharmaceutical market, Farm-Serwis is an attractive alternative to other debt collection companies.

The company is a technical operator of settlements related to drug insurance. It has teamed with insurance companies in the development and administration of drug insurance products and cooperates with pharmacies offering drug insurance services.

Market environment

Drug insurance products are a response to the rising costs of prescription drugs in Poland, offering an option to drive down the cost of treatment by reducing the patients’ share in the price of drugs. It is also complementary to the public drug reimbursement system (the National Health Fund – NFZ) as it extends the reimbursable drugs list.
Drug insurance is a standard life and health insurance product offered by insurance companies, under which the purchase of drugs is co-financed by the insurer upon the occurrence of a specific insured event such as a disease, accident or surgery. Insurance benefits take the form of financing of a part of the drug price by the insurer.

Activities of ePRUF

ePRUF offers technical support services related to drug insurance. The company’s trading partners include insurance companies and retail pharmacies operated under a full or limited licence.

ePRUF offers technical support to insurance companies, ensuring efficient customer service, settlement of insurance benefits, and exchange of information. It serves as a link between companies that sell insurance products and the pharmacies dispensing drugs under drug insurance. The company also provides access to a network of pharmacies at which insured patients may receive drugs under the insurance on a cash or non-cash basis. The company’s portfolio covers all drug insurance products offered by PZU Życie S.A. and LUX MED Ubezpieczenia.

ePRUF S.A. focuses its activities on three areas:

  • Insurance administration (settlements and checking the correctness and the quality of the service provided to the insureds),
  • Organising a nationwide network of pharmacies to deliver services to the insurance beneficiaries,
  • Initiation of and involvement in the development of drug insurance products by looking for insurance companies that would be willing to offer and sell the product, and then contributing to the product structuring (preparing the formularies, estimating the risk).


2014 was a very intensive year and a break-through point for the company, as it significantly extended its portfolio of insurance products administered for insurance companies. In cooperation with its strategic partner, PZU Życie S.A., ePRUF S.A. added to its offering new insurance products based on a limited formulary, which are characterised by the lack of risk of anti-selection and therefore are suitable for selling as individual health insurances. At the same time, the company consistently worked on developing the products it launched in the previous years, which resulted, among other things, in a higher number of benefits paid. It also teamed with another insurance partner – LUX MED Ubezpieczenia, which has added three drug insurance products to its portfolio.

In 2014, ePRUF remodelled its drug insurance administration system and implemented the new model across all insurance products it administers for insurance companies. Under the revised model, the insureds may purchase drugs and claim their drug insurance at any pharmacy of their choice in Poland, on a cash or non-cash basis.

Challenges and plans

The company’s plans for 2015 include the market launch of new drug insurance products, in partnership with current trading partners and with other insurance companies operating in Poland. Also, more R&D activity is planned, whose ultimate purpose is to improve the company’s capabilities in risk management, creation of formularies, making statistical analyses, econometrics, and end-to-end treatment management. Another area of focus will be activities which could support other analytical operations of the Pelion Healthcare Group companies.

The core business of Eubioco S.A. is the provision of contract manufacturing services. Eubioco’s portfolio includes the production of dietary supplements, medical products, prescription and OTC drugs, pharmaceutical ingredients and dermocosmetics, as well as disinfection products, based on proprietary or customers’ formulas. The company has sufficient technical capabilities to produce pharmaceutical products in almost all formulas in a single location.


In 2014, the company focused on building and developing sales functions in the area of contract manufacturing, having teamed with new trading partners and offering both standard formulas and dedicated products to cater to the needs of its clients.

In order to deliver top service quality, as part of its IT projects the Company launched a production module that ensures efficient management of processes related to sales, production planning and contract manufacturing. At the same time, it extended its production potential by investing in new production formats for tablets and capsules, as well as blister lines.

Challenges and plans

In 2015, Eubioco intends to continue developing its contract manufacturing services for both dry and wet processes.

PHARMENA S.A. is a biotechnology company which develops and commercialises state-of-the-art products based on 1-MNA − its patented active ingredient. Pharmena’s business focuses on investments in research on new drugs to be used in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and other disorders of the lipid profile, formulation and development of safe and revolutionary dermocosmetics, and marketing of an innovative food supplement designed to meet special nutritional needs in the prevention of atherosclerosis. It is an associated company with a total of 45.9% of shares held by Pelion S.A. and its subsidiaries as at December 31st 2014. Since 2008, Pharmena S.A. has been listed on the New Connect market.

In 2014, the company launched work on more than fifty innovative dermocosmetics to be marketed in 2015−2018, continued clinical trials for the antiatherosclerotic drug, as well as registration of the dietary supplement based on 1-MNA.

The company’s focus is on the design and development of innovative solutions is response to patients’ needs.

The company’s principal business is publishing.

DARUMA Sp. z o.o.

The company’s core business is the lease of property, plant and equipment and property management across the Pelion Healthcare Group.

PHARMAUTO Sp. z o.o.

The company manages the Pelion Healthcare Group’s vehicle fleet.

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