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Pharmacy Museums

For the past seven years, the Jan Muszyński Pharmacy Museum in Łódź has served as the education, scientific, research, and exhibition centre. It is also a meeting point for many generations of pharmacists, bringing together both students and members of the Young Pharmacy association, as well as retired pharmacists. With an extensive collection of books and growing number of exhibits, as well as original and unique 19th century furniture, the Museum offers an opportunity for students and pupils to enjoy historical architecture and interiors, and to learn the ropes of the trade and gain insight into the history of pharmacy as a profession.

In 2014, visitors could see both the permanent exhibition and four special temporary exhibitions. The Museum also hosted presentations under the ‘European Pharmacies’ theme, presenting pharmacies from other countries, including Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The continuing interest in the Museum is best demonstrated during the Long Night of Museums event, in which the Pharmacy Museum has participated since 2008. Throughout this exceptional night in 2014, it reported an impressive turnout of more than 4 thousand visitors.

In 2014, the Museum was visited by people from 26 cities and 16 countries, including Australia, Russia and the USA.

Pelion Healthcare Group also supports museums in Lublin and in Bydgoszcz, as well as a number of historic pharmacies, including in Zamość. In addition, the company publishes monographs as part of the ‘Poland’s famous pharmacies’ series. 2014 saw the publication of the 15th monograph entitled ‘Apteka Pod Lwem w Inowrocławiu’ (‘The Lion Pharmacy in Inowrocław’).

Participation of the Jan Muszyński Pharmacy Museum in Łódź in the Long Night of Museums was named a Best Practice in 2014 and featured in the ‘Responsible Business in Poland. Best Practices 2014’ report published by the Responsible Business Forum.

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