2014 zintegrowany raport roczny

Services for manufacturers

Pharmalink is the leader in the transport of drugs, medical products and wound dressings directly from pharmaceutical manufacturers to customers – including in-patient and out-patient healthcare institutions, wholesalers, pharmacies, and out-patient clinics.

Pharmalink’s mission is to be a reliable and trustworthy partner providing integrated logistics services to the pharmaceutical industry. The company stands out on the market with its consistent quality level, continually improved through the validation of processes and vehicles, on-going control and monitoring of conditions during transport, and timely deliveries. In order to develop competencies and skills of its employees and ensure high standard of customer care, Pharmalink runs training programmes designed for different departments, as well as individual development plans.

Pharmalink is able to reach customers in any location in Poland within 24 hours, and also offers express deliveries in life-saving cases and fast-track deliveries (within 12 hours). Optimisation of transport routes, as well as maximum utilisation of the vehicles’ load capacities, help reduce the adverse environmental impact of its operations. The company’s entire logistics system complies with the requirements of the Pharmaceutical Law of September 6th 2001 and the Regulation of the Minister of Health on Good Distribution Practice of July 26th 2002. The company was the first logistics operator in Poland to use dry ice and cold chain transport (in the temperature range from 2°C to 8°C), based on the use of special-purpose vehicles fitted with isothermal containers and temperature-control equipment. Pharmalink was also the first operator in Poland to use the GPS system in all its vehicles to ensure real-time vehicle tracking and on-line control of temperature conditions during transport.


In 2014, the company focused on the efforts to optimise transport costs, standardise terms of business with carriers, and extend the scale of partnership with key clients, including through direct and dedicated distribution services. To develop another segment of services and build an all-inclusive offering, the company secured a licence for the wholesale of veterinary medicinal products and opened a wholesale warehouse in Łódź. On the back of the 2014 initiatives, the company reported higher sales of services, both in terms of revenue and the number of executed orders and delivered packages. A flexible approach to the needs of trading partners, as well as employment of innovative solutions, enabled the company to defend its leading position on the market.

Challenges and plans

Pharmalink’s long-term strategy assumes the company’s further expansion on foreign markets, and focus on long-term contracts with payment guarantees. In the coming year, the company will continue to take measures aimed at optimising the cost of transport, e.g. development of a network of handling and temporary storage facilities, and diversification of service providers. By continually raising the bar on quality standards, Pharmalink’s services offered to customers will come with added value. In the area of sales, the company will seek to secure new contracts, with a special focus on direct and dedicated distribution services.

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