2014 zintegrowany raport roczny


In January 2015, Polska Grupa Farmaceutyczna S.A. received the ‘Reliable Employer 2014’ title, thereby joining the group of employers offering the most reliable HR policy, which drives their competitive advantage. The award is a token of recognition of the company’s exemplary HR policy and outstanding approach to employees. The ‘Reliable Employer’ title was awarded to PGF based on a number of different criteria related to the company’s overall approach to its employees, including the adopted recruitment standards, incentive systems, and opportunities for professional development and career progression. PGF takes good care of its staff and is committed to the equal treatment of all employees, regardless of their age, status, or life circumstances. The company also invests in its personnel, always bearing in mind that, in the end, it is the people who really count and who are behind the company’s success. To that end, PGF runs tailored training programmes to improve the skills and competencies of its staff. The company is committed to achieving and offering a transparent organisational culture, good working conditions and welfare facilities, strong incentive systems, and attractive employee plans. It also offers traineeship and internship schemes for students, with a number of trainees and interns becoming PGF’s new hires. And that system really works, considering that many of the company’s highly skilled employees started their professional career as interns.

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