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Value creation model
of Pelion Healthcare Group

The Pelion Healthcare Group operates on the healthcare market and offers services in all pharmaceutical distribution segments, including wholesale to pharmacies and hospitals, retail sales, and services provided to manufacturers. Established in 1990, the Group has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 1998. The Group companies in Poland and in Lithuania employ almost 8.8 thousand people. Pelion S.A., as the holding company, is responsible for corporate oversight of all areas of the Group's operations.

Consistent implementation of the corporate Mission

Based on its resources, the Company builds sustainable value through consistent implementation of its corporate mission: "I Care for My Health – our passion, your investment". This mission gives meaning to the very existence and all activities of the Pelion Healthcare Group, and at the same time shows the fundamental method for increasing value generated by the Group in a short-, medium- and long-term horizon. The notion of health defines what is at the core of the Group's efforts in building relations with its internal and external environment. Therefore, the Group's healthcare mission is implemented in the context of the overall relations with its key stakeholder groups. In line with the Pelion Healthcare Group's business profile, which determines the actual key impacts on its operating environment, and in keeping with the motto 'Patients in focus', patients to whom the Group supplies drugs and medical equipment on a daily basis are always in the centre of the Group's attention in its efforts to build healthy relations with the environment.

Energy in values

What helps the Group build competitive advantage, through development and maintaining healthy relations with the environment, are the corporate values, adopted and communicated to all employees in the Code of Ethics. They reflect the procedure at every stage and in every area of activities. Compliance of them for 25 years has helped to achieve market success and that this is where the company sees opportunity for further development of the organization.

By putting the patient in the centre of attention, the Pelion Healthcare Group recognises its responsibility for supplying drugs to the market, ensuring highest quality and safety of the products sold, rendering pharmaceutical care services, and promoting health-conscious lifestyles. As a listed company, Pelion manages the capital entrusted to it by the investors in a responsible manner, always focusing on how to build sustainable value for its shareholders. In managing an with broad impact, it assumes responsibility for the jobs it creates in Poland and abroad and for maintaining good relations with all partners across the value chain. Also, the Company strives to minimise the negative impact of its decisions on the natural environment and is always committed to overcoming social problems.

The Pelion Healthcare Group focuses on building long-term relations with its trading partners, shareholders, patients and employees, and makes every effort to ensure that they are based on trust, stemming from operational transparency and integrity, responsible decision-making, reliable information policy, and positive experience, which confirms a fully professional approach and highest quality of cooperation.

The development of the Pelion Healthcare Group is a history of continuous progress, supported by the ability to build on the experience and best traditions of the pharmaceutical industry, and by the courage to think beyond the obvious when looking for the solutions and answers to most challenging problems. With its innovative approach and active search for the ways to keep ahead of the changes taking place in the business environment, the Group plays an active role in shaping the market and social reality and can set business standards on the market. By assuming responsibility for the impact of the business environment it creates on the social and economic environment, the Pelion Healthcare Group seeks to implement the model of business leadership which is responsible, supports and promotes sustainable development, and is an embodiment of business ethics and success achieved through fair dealing.

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